The Islamic Leviathan

Islam and the making of State Power.

作者: Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr 译者:

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The Islamic Leviathan         Islamization is commonly seen as the work of Islamist movements who have forced their ideology on ruling regimes and other social actors. There is little doubt that ruling regimes and disparate social and political actors alike are pushed in the direction of Islamic politics by Islamist forces. However, Islamist activism and its revolutionary and utopian rhetoric only partly explain this trend. In fact, argues the author, the state itself plays a key role in embedding Islam in the politics of Muslim countries. The turn to Islam is a facet of the state's drive to establish hegemony over society and expand its power and control. He focuses on the cases of Malaysia and Pakistan to demonstrate his thesis.
明代社会生活史 鸟道 毕竟战功谁第一 为你打开时间的门 我们迷人的鸟:猫头鹰 这个词,原来是这个意思!2

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