The War for Wealth

Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity

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The War for Wealth          A rallying cry to renew the position of the West in the global economy

If globalization's cheerleaders are right and the world is indeed flat, then it's tilted heavily toward the East. In this provocative look at globalization and its discontents, agenda-setting journalist Gabor Steingart challenges the cadre of well-known globalization supporters-from Thomas Friedman and other media personalities to economists to the politicians that are enabling this transfer of jobs and wealth-to show how the same free-trade policies that are responsible for the Asian economic miracle are destroying the West's way of life and standard of living.

Using numerous examples, The War for Wealth demonstrates how China and other Asian powerhouses have turned the sources of our economic might against us, and shows how we will continue to lose wealth and prosperity if we continue down the current path. To resolve these issues, Steingart makes a strong case for controversial fixes, such as a NATO-like trans-Atlantic trade agreement and a rethinking of our most basic trade policies.

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